Diminishing Returns with rel=”author”

If links from domains, or different IPs are given their weight because they are seen as an editorial vote from a single entity (an individual), then tying together linkbuilding efforts to an authorship profile may not be the best thing to do. If we're following Mr Cutts' line that  some forms of what we'd call "attribution linking" aren't strictly editorial, then there might be reason for concern. To use authorship markup at all you have to be drinking at least a little from Google's trough. Here are my thoughts in easy-to-demolish format: Google aims to value editorially awarded links. Repeated links from a single domain (source) have diminishing weight. First votes are weighted. Authorship accurately ties all self-serving links to a single source, even across multiple domains [...]

Identify Which URLs in Your Sitemap Aren’t Indexed

This shouldn't be your first port of call for looking at indexation issues. Ideally, the site should have logically separated sitemaps to make any indexation problems easier to spot (e.g. is it product pages that are suffering, or the subcategory pages?). The URLs in the sitemap should all return a 200 result, and (nearly always) include only pages you want indexed (nothing blocked in robots, or with restrictive meta directives etc). If we have something more esoteric causing the issues, then this post might help. In webmaster tools we get this familiar report - Being from GOOG, it shows us how many URLs are indexed (and aren't indexed), but not which URLs are in the index. This is useful for diagnosing at a high level, but can be decidedly unhelpful when your house is largely in order. [...]

Is Viagra.com a scam?

Check out this review to discover the truth of Viagra.com's service, and avoid being scammed! See how Viagra.com compares to other services. It's common knowledge that scams and swindlers abound in this industry, so see below to discover the truth. It's probably not a scam. It's actually the website of the company that makes and sells Viagra to the great unwashed masses. Recently, Pfvizer have decided to sell viagra direct to the public in order to stop people buying not-viagra. PRO Not a Scam Viagra.com is totally legit. CON Potential embarrassment because they know you need Viagra and might tell people (small possibility) or publish your name on their twitter feed (also small possibility). There may be teething problems with the first orders. You can't buy Levitra [...]

Identifying Widget, Template and Embed Spam

I do quite a lot of link analysis, and I might be a bit late to the party with this one. My own approach to link analysis is stripping various link data sources down to the lowest common denominator and building up from there. In most cases, since I'm using Webmaster Tools data, so this means I'm starting from the links alone. This is a mistake. If you're agency side, or replacing the previous in-house manager you probably won't have a crystal clear picture of tactics used in the past. The problem (or future problem) in spotting potentially harmful implementations of tactics is that linkbuilders have become more conservative in their approach to anchor text, especially in large scale (widgets, embeds and templates) applications. I have to remind myself to look closely at those innocent [...]