About Me

I manipulate search engines for a living.

My main area of expertise is Technical SEO.

I prefer the “optimising things for search engines” side of SEO to “marketing content for human consumption“. My last full time role was ‘Senior Technical SEO Consultant‘ at builtvisible in 2015. I’m based in London.

I’m known in the SEO community for running a self-indulgent niche SEO conference, but mainly for my writing on this blog. Please, read this. Please do not read my tweets.

Work With Me

I’m available as a Freelance SEO Consultant on a project by project basis. Although I’ve ticked the boxes in agency SEO, my focus is in the following areas:

  • Site Audits
  • Server Log Analysis
  • International SEO
  • Site Migrations
  • Weird Issues

My work with a business typically starts with a server log based Technical SEO audit.

Get in Touch:

My Email: [email protected]
My Linkedin.
My Twitter (@ohgm)