ohgmcon4 Postmortem 1

ohgmcon4 Postmortem

“So how was the thing?”
“It was good.”
“I’ll do a write-up.”

Talks given at ohgmcon4

Oliver Mason @ here – Yet Again, More Things I Have Seen.

Tatjana Horch @ mytheresa.com – Trial & Error: Understand a Foreign Search Engine

Luke Sartain @ upugo.com –  Reverse Engineering Google

Jamie Alberico @ arrow.com – Everything is Broken: Real Life Adventures in Enterprise E-commerce

James Finlayson @ vervesearch – Did the August 1st Update Take 5 Years to Build?

Jan-Willem Bobbink @ notprovided – Automated Content Creation

Richard Rosenthal @ slapdigital – Migration Medley

Ashley Berman Hale @ Deepcrawl – Fireside Chat on Google Approved Markup Tests

Julia Logan @ IrishWonder –  Doing Stuff With/To Google Part: II

Emma Russel @ House of Fraser – The Downward Spiral: Inadvertently Answering Questions on Indexing and Deindexing.

Alec Bertram @ Alec’s PDF Emporium – Successfully Recovering External Links Over the FTP Protocol.

Sponsors & Raffle

Each event I try to hold a raffle, which means I hassle SEO tool providers for things, and sometimes they give in.

This event would be possible without them

GOLD SPONSOR – Dan @ Screaming Frog for funding the basement , and providing a years license for both the crawling tool and the server log analysis tool.

PLATINUM SPONSOR – Tony ‘link boi‘ Randall got excited and printed some SEO)) themed stickers and sent them all the way from the U-S-A:

ohgmcon sticker

Thanks Tony.

LIQUID SPONSOR – Deepcrawl (with particular thanks to Jennifer for continuing to help make this event less unpleasant) ensured everyone was suitably hydrated throughout the event. They were also kind enough to throw in a year’s license to the raffle.

TIRELESS SPONSOR – Patrick from Sitebulb, the crawl tool for discerning SEOs for once again providing two licenses and never once complaining about the ROI of this event.

UNEXPECTED SPONSOR – Tim was cool enough to offer five 6 month advanced accounts for SEO industry bar raising tool ahrefs after I was shameless enough to ask for sponsorship.

ADDITIONAL UNEXPECTED SPONSORS – Luke opened a coffee tab on arrival and Julia bought everyone breakfast. Thank you.

I haven’t done the raffle yet, sue me (please don’t sue me).

Can I speak at the next ohgmcon?

Most of the pitches I receive haven’t read the rules.

  • DM me on Twitter.
  • Have an idea for a talk that you haven’t given elsewhere before. If it would work for a guest post here, it would work for a talk.

Do not be afraid.

When is the next ohgmcon?

This is all according to the BrightonSEO website footer:

  • ohgmcon5 : 11th April 2019
  • ohgmcon6 : 12th September 2019
  • ohgmcon7 : 16th April 2020
  • ohgmcon8 1st October 2020

This conference is parasitic. Thanks Kelvin.


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