Ahrefs.com’s Spammy Link Profile

According to Ahrefs.com, Ahrefs.com is linked to with 93 varieties of anchor text containing  “Louis”.  This is the “Louis” of “Louis Vuitton”. They’ve also got links with anchor text for:

  • Beats by Dr. Dre
  • Cialis
  • Burberry
  • viagra
  • Mulberry
  • Chanel
  • and more […]

I put this list together based on spam this blog gets. If I’ve been spammed with it, Ahrefs probably have anchor text for it. From blog comments. So are these the people spamming our blogs? Don’t Ahrefs know that their on page optimisation is terrible for these keywords?

A trolling tapestry

Obviously they aren’t the ones spamming this here. And what’s happening isn’t a case of our darling negative SEO, or someone’s test. It’s human/machine error. Think about it a second. Lots of websites have links pointed at them that were never intended for them. People confuse .com’s and .co.uk’s all the time (which is why it’s important to grab both – unless you are me). And just sometimes people leave forms blank, or have their code automatically corrected before they hit ‘go’.

The clever name just means that a large number of these accidental links will point to them. The scale of spam on the web makes this pretty inevitable, and it will only continue to increase. Hopefully this doesn’t bring them any misery. Then again, I don’t see this happening to Ahref.com (whatever that is, it should be on the receiving end of 10x as many accidental links), so maybe Ahrefs really are trying to enter the fashion industry via the cess pit…


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