2 Tips to Make Your Life Marginally Better

Are you tired of your life not being marginally better? Feeling down because these 2 tips have been out of your reach for so long? Annoyed by this string of sentences that serve no useful function? Read tips have better life.


Text-Link is a Firefox extension that should be part of all browser functionality. With this extension you can double click on a non-hyperlinked website mention in text. I get actively angry when I use someone elses browser and they don’t have this installed (because I am an unreasonable person). Install it and test it out on these links:

  • ohgm.co.uk
  • https://ohgm.co.uk
  • https://www.ohgm.co.uk

In the old days I had to struggle like I was living in an infomercial:

  1. Moving my hand, clicking and dragging the mouse to highlight the desired text.
  2. Hitting CTRL+C
  3. Slamming ALT+D to highlight the address bar
  4. Pressing CTRL+V
  5. Mashing my fist on the Return key

I’m finally free of this burden. My life is marginally better as a result. There are versions for Chrome – and other versions for Firefox. The problem with these is that they will cause the ‘links in all but tags’ to appear as links in all other respects. If you work in SEO (which is pretty likely if you’re reading this) this is pretty undesirable for a few reasons.


CTRL+SHIFT+T is a browser shortcut that protects you from yourself. Try it. It reopens the last closed tab and will recover them in the (reverse) order they were closed. Each tab will also remember their browsing (e.g. forward and back) history. People will look at you like you are a wizard, which I think we all should aspire to.

One thought on “2 Tips to Make Your Life Marginally Better”

  1. I too have been living my life as if I were in an infomercial. It feels so good to know that I haven’t been suffering alone for all these years. Because of this I have also had to endure years of “Moving my hand, clicking and dragging the mouse to highlight the desired text” which has now led to me suffering with carpal tunnel syndrome.

    Thank you once again for making my life that much more marginally better!

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