not falling stillborn from the press

Hello again. Like I said in my previous post, accessibility means more content, not good content. Enter a typically thin post here. There are two motivations for this sort of content. Today’s motivation is an arbitrary publishing schedule designed to keep the author in line of ‘publishing-more-than-once-in-a-blue-moon’. The other motivation is being filed away for a future post, though you can probably guess.

Regarding the site:

I’ve made a couple of minor changes in the last few days, nothing impressive. This theme is fine for what I need, which isn’t much at the moment. I’ll be sure to start messing round with the design, specifically the font sizing on the mobile version, which could give the reader a sore thumb if they ever encounter more than 250 words at a time. If you’re wondering what theme I’m using, check out the attractive sitewide in the footer of this page! It’s just not classy to rip them out immediately.

Email still hasn’t been set up how I’d like yet, though it will be by the time I’ve finished my next post.

Fixing the title tags was a small victory (they were for a time “ohgm-gorilla warfareohgm|gorilla warfare”) – there was some conflict between the Theme and the Yoast plugin, now resolved:

I didn't know what I was doing
I checked the box that said “if you think it’s wrong and you know what you’re doing

As always, I’m entirely comfortable with this state of affairs.

Editorial Direction:

One interesting note about the SEO industry is the tendency of people to write on other blogs. I won’t be doing this for a while, at least not on behalf of until it’s a website worth linking to. This is going to take more than 3 posts. If I do start posting elsewhere you can be sure it won’t be mediocre – I know a link is a link is a link but seriously – do we need another “10 things {killing a kitten|listening to Electric Wizard|the Sokal affair|using spintax|hoping that mentioning spintax isn’t a spam signal} taught me about SEO” post? Probably better to spend the time being a helpful commenter than scrounging a quick post together for a few hundred visits and 34 tweets if it makes people think you’re a moron.

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