Test to shatter the head ohgmcon | rendered title | SEO is dead


SEO is dead.

What was ohgmcon?

ohgmcon was an SEO focused marketing conference (in the traditional sense).

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What Happened

  1. There were 5 speakers.
  2. Five talks were given.
  3. We all learned a lot.
  4. We went to the pub afterwards.


How much did it cost?

About 8 drinks.

Did this happen during another SEO Conference?


Is this a joke?


Just How Cynical is This event?

I'm currently submitting some truly exceptional content here so that Google is encouraged to rank this for the purposes of a test. That's because there's an SEO test at stake and I think the answer either way is going to be interesting. Is the thing I'm testing on this URL going to be taken into account, or will it not. If not, then that's really interesting. If just this text appears in Google's search results, then we can be fairly sure that it's a serious test result. I know this could be a better test, but I need to leave the house shortly and I don't want to be late. You know how it is. Catch you soon!